Thursday, April 17, 2014

Truth Is

The truth is an unusually touchy subject with most people.  You ask someone if they are fine but are you prepared for any other answer then a simple yes?  Truth is no one is just fine.  Everyone has a little something going on in their lives that they can either share or choose to keep to themselves.  This was my status on Facebook today:  

"I want to take a moment to thank God for all he has blessed my family and I with. He has taught me patience and love and forgiveness ... Ias well as so much more. God is good and sometimes we get so caught up in what we want that we forget to be thankful for all we have."

Today I sat down for a few moments with our youngest daughter and she says a ton in simply a few sentences.  She expressed the want for she and her dad to spend more quality time together.  This is something he and I may have to discuss and make plans for.  Whether he take time to play the Wii with her or even take time with just the two of them to go out for sundays or something.  Just some daddy daughter time for them.  Sometimes I feel like she has been a little cheated, actually both of our girls have.  How so?  You see, she was 7 months old when Kody was diagnosed and our whole world changed.  She puts it best when she says that everything we have done has revolved around Kody.  This includes where we have lived, trips we have taken, and everything he requires at home as far as assistance.  With that being said though, she has a very close relationship with him because she realizes and understands her time is limited with him because of the prognosis that goes along with his illness.  They both miss having their big sister at home though they spent a lot of the time butting heads.  I think that is natural though and admittingly I miss her being home but I am so proud of her accomplishments and that she is holding her own.  

Life has thrown twists and turns that God has done to show us how strong we truly are.  Would I say the twist of having a ill brother has been beneficial to our girls?  No, nor would I call it a blessing to have a child .. young man with FA.  We hate the FA but love Kody.  Our girls would rather have had a brother who would grow up one day to marry a good woman and give them nieces and nephews and be that goofy uncle to their children one day.  

Rikki in some ways has been jaded by life and things that have occurred and continue to occur.  When her acting coach walked her through an exercise I could see a pain in her eyes that no girl should know, especially at her age.  We have to come together as a family and work through things that sometimes make us feel so lost.  Rikki is growing up to be a beautiful young lady and is quite intelligent.  I think more than she realizes or appreciates about herself.  She has an amazing heart and connects with everyone she meets on a deep level.  She empathizes with what people are going through and definitely has picked up my empath traits which can been a little difficult to handle sometimes.  RB walked her through an exercise that helps her as an actress but will help her as an empath to put up a bubble of protection from outside influences.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Post Op Results

Yesterday we went to RBA for my post op appointment.  Unfortunately we did not get to see the doctor who performed my surgery but the results of the appointment left me stunned.  The original plan was to go in and do a polyectomy.  When Dr. B went in she found so many polyps that they went with doing a D&C to clean house and also removed polyps from my cervix.  This explains why I felt like crap but the assistant, J, was surprised I had absolutely no cramping.  She said in some instances the polyps return but that if it were to happen it would take months before they did.  We have decided to TTC on our own at this point.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Today we traveled to Conyers to have Rikki have her evaluation before she begins the rehearsals for the Fashion Expo on June 14th.  There are tickets available if my readers were to be interested and be in Georgia for the date.  Comment below for further details on how to get the tickets. She is excited to be part of the show and cannot wait to see what the future may bring with her acting career.  

I hate the emotional roller coaster I have been on today.  Truth is being back on the TTC trail has a lot to do with it.  We have tried for the last almost 3 years and it has taken an emotional toll on me.  We pray to be able to have a child together and never expected the journey to be like it has.  We suffered an early loss Feb 2013 and we now know the polyps had something to do with that loss.  Now that we are back on the roller coaster .. so are my emotions.  I just reorganized the baby box and our closet.  I have not bought anything else for the box for a while now and do not think I will add to it.  

On a brighter note ... I finally was able to make Kody's MDA appointment.  It is not until mid-May and we have to bring his files from the previous MDA clinic because that is the only way they will see him.  Though I was not taking no for an answer on the appointment.    

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rikki officially signed with Aligned Stars Agency yesterday and is now an active profile on their website at:

We announced on FB and had already talked to the instructors at Discovery Performing Arts about it this past Saturday.  This coming Saturday Rikki is evaluated for the Fashion Expo and we will officially sign the contract for her to walk the runway.  This journey has become interesting.  We have met some other parents whom were able to offer us advice and point us in directions we otherwise might have not thought of.  Rikki has made some good friends and learned quite a few things.  Last night we submitted her for the part of Laura Ingles in the feature film "Little House on The Prairie" that will begin filming this fall.  Now we have to wait to see if we are contacted back by the casting director.  Within the next few weeks her agent will be actively looking for her and we will see how things go.

Next Monday I am going to go to the Paulding Campus for Chattahooche Tech to talk to an advisor about their nursing program.  Depending on how that goes I may transfer there to do the ASN program with them.  It is closer to our house and with my hours being more flexible it has opened some doors I did not know was there.

Today I put in a call to the MDA AGAIN to get an appointment for Kody.  You see, this has been an uphill battle with them because I have not been able to get ONE FREAKING APPOINTMENT.  In June Kody sees the cardiologist again to get an update on the status from a cardiac stand point.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

God Is Good

On Tuesday Rikki met with Patrick Ryan from Aligned Stars Agency.  The meeting went great and all we had left to do was submit a video and another head shot with her smiling w/exposing her teeth.  Today we sent both in and tonight we received the email back.  Patrick extended the offer to sign Rikki to their agency.  He asked that we give him a few days to have the contract drawn up for her.  She is over joyed at the opportunities  that will come with the signing.  We are so proud of her.

Nisa messaged me the other day telling me she had changed her major.  She has decided to go through a program for radiation technician.  Our baby girl has done her research and made her decisions.  She is doing amazing and has grown to be a very bright young woman.  We are so very proud of her accomplishments.

Kody is doing well in school and handling his medical challenges like a champ.  I cannot believe he is already taller than me.  May 5th he turns 18 years old and we are still trying to figure out what we will do for his birthday.  Every day God allows him to be with us is another day we are happy to have him.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surgery Today

Before the polyp removal
After the polyp removal
Today I went to RBA for surgery to remove the polyps from my uterus that have been preventing a successful pregnancy.  The medical geek in me was excited when she said they would take pictures for me.  I did not know I would get to bring them home with us.  The before pictures look like some sort of cave.  Our eggies were fighting a losing battle with all that mess in there.  

Now my uterus is in good conditions for us to regroup and try again.  Dr. Best would like for us to try IVF but I am hoping we can take this on on our own.  Time will tell.  AF is due in a day or two so then we will go from there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We took Rikki for her meeting with Patrick Ryan from ASA this afternoon.  Over all the meeting went quite well and, after he emails us the short script for the video read, we will submit the video read via email.  We are so proud of her and how well she did ...... TO BE CONTINUED

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